With Brent’s mobile stump grinder, he’ll come to your residence or business / commercial property and properly and professionally remove the stump. He will then perform whatever clean up is needed for a very reasonable price. Each job is different, so there’s no standard price until Brent has had a chance to see the stump.

Our new stump grinder is on tracks and can walk through gates as narrow as 36″ and reduces the impact on your lawn. If you are tired of those unsightly and nuisance stumps in your yard? Brent specializes in grinding the stump to 6-8” below grade without leaving a gaping hole. The mulched material that is left over is levelled, grass seed thrown on, water it and watch it grow.

Veteran Owned Business

Brent employs safety measures against flying debris and is able to get as close to a window as 8”. If you need trees cut down he work with a licensed arborist who will be happy to give you a quote as well.

jobs are on a handshake, the way our grandparents did and we take great pride in a job well done. Because Brent own the equipment, he’s am able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not perfectly satisfied, he will come back and make it right.

You can reach Brent by emailing, filling out the form below or simply text (506) 852-0125. If you have a picture of your stump with a pop can for reference, you could also send that along.

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