About Us

I am originally from Bathurst, NB and graduated from Bathurst High in 1989. Immediately upon graduation I bought my first truck doing long haul across North America for the next 26 years. 

Seven years ago I came off the road and went to work in the Armour Trailer Shop and shortly became a red seal trailer technician. The last 25 years of my working career has been with Armour Transport Systems.  

My wife and I decided we needed to remove some stumps in our yard so purchased a stump grinder for the back of our tractor. This worked so well it led to grinding stumps for friends, family and neighbours and now has morphed into a side business.    

Early this year we bought a stand alone stump grinder to be an efficient side business providing customers with the best experience possible. 

I currently reside in Boundary Creek, NB with my wife of 22 years. We have one daughter and 2 Grand cats

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